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Hi, I'm Fox! I am a forest ecosystem analyst who lives in Albany, Oregon and currently works as a post-doctoral researcher with the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest through Oregon State University. I received my doctorate from Oregon State University in Forest Science (Ecology) in December of 2012 and my masters from Clemson University in Forest Resources (Economics) in May of 2008.

I hail from Georgia, where I received my bachelors degrees in art history and English literature in 2006, and was the captain of the SEC champion track and field team. Although I am no longer a NCAA athlete, I am passionate about being active in the field, particularly on the site I have worked on for the past four years, "watershed 1" at the H.J. Andrews Forest. This regenerating douglas-fir stand is not only an ecological paradigm for coniferous regrowth in complex terrain, but is also an exemplary site for sensor networking and long-term ecological study, with a wireless "telemetry transect" spanning more than 300 m, an eddy covariance tower, and more than 130 vegetation plots that have been re-measured since 1966! I am active in the Carbon Budgeting work group here at Oregon State University and consider myself to be the expert in the +3 to -3 m range; that is, I study the factors and drivers that influence how carbon enters, is stored in, and effluxes from the subcanopy, soil-interface, mineral soil, and soil water.

The main investigator I work under is Dr. Kate Lajtha in Crop and Soil Science, however I am also involved with Drs. Christoph Thomas, Mark Harmon, Robert McKane, Renee Brooks, Julia Jones, Tom Spies, and Judy Cushing (the last from The Evergreen State College in WA). Please look around my site and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding my life or research! Interesting questions and new ventures are always welcome!